I'll Tell You No Lies

You're Saying Polish Don't Ever Sleep With Russians
Oh, and here's my mythos kitty

December 10, 9am (Saturday)

Simon was not in his dorm. Angus checked inside, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Although he had left the door to the secret room in the Gould Library unlocked, it was locked when he returned. At the padlock, he entered 75025, finding that each digit currently on the dials was only one number off. Inside he found a fairly sparse room with some chairs on the side, a chalkboard covered with writing, and a long table with an oak box.


Oak Box is locked with a small padlock that has been naturally worn out (over the course of a few years) so that it readily opens and closes without a key. Inside is a very old glove composed of cracked leather covered with withered and dried vegetation and bear claw tipped fingers. A few long white hairs cling to the dried vegetation and claws. A card inside the box reads: Museum of Natural History ~ New York City, NY ~ Claw Tipped Ceremonial Glove ~ Hamburg Germany ~ Circa A.D. 1600 ~ #27-217 Eu-Ge

Angus takes the box and leaves a note that reads: “Thanks for the glove. Very bad security to leave the lock one digit off of the combination.” After sneaking the box out of the library he heads to the Central Park North Hotel (where Elmer and Nikoli were supposed to secure new rooms). The decor looked like 16th/17th century Austrian. He asked the clerk about Austrian/German 1600 folklore, but learned that the clerk knew nothing of the time period. Angus sent a wire to the owner, saying: “HAVE GLOVE YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN STOP AT YOUR NEW YORK HOTEL STOP

Douglas and Annie

Reporters question them as they leave the hotel. Annie states that she saw a giant raccoon attacking a gas main, which caused an explosion. Douglas announces that he is buying property at well above market prices. They are questioned again in front of Dr. Fester’s home. Annie ignores them, dragging Douglas along past the single police officer that is trying to maintain order. Edison and Gladstone guard the front door while they investigate within.

Annie follows a trail of blood through the icy living room and into the kitchen. Inside she finds a body pinned to the ground with knives stuck in the forearms and lower legs. A bloody knife lies beside the left hand. The body has been whipped savagely across the chest, and the hands and feet whipped until all the fingers and toes have been dismembered. Both index fingers and the left thumb toe are missing. A bundle of thin bloody branches have been tossed against a far wall. Tiny bloody foot prints lead away from the body and into a pantry. From the door, Annie hears voices and some giggling. She opens the door to view a dwarf man and woman playing on a crate. They each hold an index finger that has been made into tiny puppets with sticks for arms and legs, and a long stick in the bottom with which to hold it.
“No, doctor, no. There’s nothing wrong with it,” the dwarf woman pleads, bouncing her finger puppet.
“I’m afraid its infected. It will have to come off,” the dwarf man responds coldly with his finger puppet.
“No, it’s fine.”
“I don’t think so.”
The woman’s puppet shrieks and screams as the doctor laughs menacingly, and then starts dragging the severed thumb toe away from the other puppet.
Both laugh, but then turn to spot Annie. Annie acts as if she does not see them, muttering “who’s in here” as she slowly enters the pantry. The dwarves leave their finger puppets and cautiously make their way past Annie and out of the pantry.

Douglas searches the non-icy upstairs for the bedroom. The study contains a book case with a small collection of books and a table with some newspapers on it, which he does not investigate further. The bathroom has a tub, toilet, sink, hand towel and soap, which he does not investigate further. The bedroom contains a plush king size bed, a nightstand with pornographic paraphernalia, and a fantasy adventure book: The Black Corsair by Emilio Salgari. The dresser contains a large, metal box with a fine lock. He carries it downstairs for Annie to open.

Annie opens the box to find a blood stained note book lying atop scores of tiny and somewhat larger objects wrapped with bloody gauze. Most seem old, while three tiny ones and one larger one seem much newer (based on the color and texture of the blood on the gauze). Inside one tiny package is a toe nail that appears to have been roughly ripped from the toe, with small pieces of flesh still attached to the base. Inside one of the larger packages is a pinkie toe that has been roughly hewn from the foot, as if cut off with a butter knife.

The book is hand written with the title: “Special Patients”. Inside are pages and pages of names with tick marks beneath: 10 on both the left and right sides beneath the names. The last name on the last page is “Victor Clark” with 3 tick marks on the left and 1 tick mark on the right.

Annie and Douglas leave, warning the citizens and journalists not to enter. “We saw signs of giant raccoons that ate through the gas lines and then killed the doctor. One is still in there – we saw it crawling across the ceiling in the kitchen!”

December 10, 1pm (Saturday)

Nikoli and Elmer

The Shinnecock Commissioner, Little Wolf Roger Honia, is skeptical. But he begins to warm up when Nikoli and Elmer mention that they have a Senator friend that might be able to help, and Elmer shows him the necklace that Chief Tammamend gave him.

The two Shinnecock Elders are stoic, terse, and skeptical. After several minutes of uncomfortable conversation, they begin to warm up when Nikoli and Elmer start mentioning portals and recent killings. When asked where Elmer got the necklace, he matter-of-factly states that a raven came to him, transformed into an aged Indian man, spoke with him, and then gave him the necklace as a sign of trust. Nikoli explains that he learned a lot about portals from “Charging Bear”.

The eldest, who they assumed to be Chief Black Wing, explained that the Delaware Indians were tormented by a horrible beast for nearly 200 years, between the dates of 1200 and 1400 A.D.

“A tribe was under constant attack by a neighboring tribe, and a young warrior consulted with a Brujo. The Brujo told the warrior he could bring forth a mighty destroyer to vanquish their enemies, at a price. The warrior stole valuables from the rest of the tribe to pay the price, and the Brujo opened a doorway to another realm and summoned forth a terrible beast. The beast consumed the warrior, and the Brujo left with the valuables, never to be seen again.

The beast attacked the neighboring tribe, at first killing only the miscreants and well-known evildoers. However, as the days went on, the beast seemed to kill more indiscriminately. After several days, the beast was rampaging across the land. After killing the entire rival tribe, it began killing members of the other tribe. The beast plagues them for many, many days, but then suddenly disappeared.

However, tales tell that the beast reappeared every few years. It would viciously murder many people, but would always disappear again after 5 or 6 days. This continued for roughly 200 years, until one day around 1400 A. D., a strange man, who was unlike any other white men they had met, appeared in the village. He wore strange clothing covered with greenery with red and white berries, and wore a strange bear claw also wrapped with the greenery. He drove the beast away from the village with a whip and the bear claw. Then, he headed to a strange doorway in the air and leaped into it. We heard him muttering strange words from within, and then the doorway began to close. There was a great wind, and we saw several strange creatures and the beast itself dragged through the portal with the wind. We never saw the man nor the beast again."

Don't You See?! It's Been Annie and Douglas All Along!
Douglas summons demons, and Annie controls Douglas!

December 9, 5pm (Friday)

Angus and Simon head to the Gould Library. They see that Gretel is not there, and instead the young man from the NYU library is behind the desk. He explains that Gretel bit her tongue terribly in the middle of the night, Wednesday night. She bit the tip off, and then developed an infection. She is at home resting.

Getting no useful information from the man, Angus and Simon begin searching the rooms that are under construction and covered by large curtains. They find nothing of interest on the second and third floors. On the first floor, they find a room that is mostly finished with a large, locked, oak door that has the strange reversed double-mu character from the Dragon and Book pendant.

The door opens to a stairwell down to a landing with another large, locked, oak door. On this one is also the double-mu character and an archway with numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. A hasp lock is secured with a padlock that has 5 wheels numbered 0-9. On the back of the lock is scratched: F(x).

Angus tries several combinations based on numbers he sees on the various maps, envelopes, and other papers in his possession. None work, so he heads to the Pat Obrien Pub to meet up with the others.

December 10, 3 am (Saturday)

The investigators wake to icy cold, the strange leathery black creature, and horrible stomping and screams from the floor above. Annie and Douglas grab the dogs and head out to investigate. Nikoli and Elmer head out as well. Angus stays behind and phones the desk complaining of noise and asking for a refund.

On the third floor, as they approach the room they see a woman sitting in the hallway opposite the door with a blanket draped around her shoulders. Nikoli sees an old, dwarf-life woman wearing a necklace made of holly that is tending to her – the others do not see her.

Elmer stops to check on her, even though Nikoli says that she is fine: “Are you taking care of her? She’s fine. She’s being taken care of.” Unable to determine if she is actually fine, Elmer picks her up to get her medical attention. He runs into the hotel clerk and custodian running up the stairs in response to Angus’ call. Elmer explains that there was an explosion from a busted gas line. The clerk takes the woman and the custodian hurries to turn off the gas main.

Annie, Douglas, and Nikoli

Annie kicks open the slightly-ajar door. She, Douglas, and Nikoli see a most gruesome sight. The room is coated with ice and snow. The bed has been tossed aside and smashed into the dresser. Dwarf-like creatures are finger-painting with blood: smiley faces, sad crying faces, and an erect penis on the walls. A large goat-like humanoid is holding a man in the air by his tongue and whipping him violently with a handful of thin tree branches.

Nikoli shouts at the creature, asking: “Why are you doing this? What has this man done to deserve this?” Annie accosts the beast saying: “What you are doing is naughty.” Edison is overwhelmed by the scene and struggles to the point of choking himself in order to run away. Douglas releases the dogs’ leashes and stands there, unsure of what to do next. Gladstone sticks by Annie’s side, silent and resilient.

The strange, black, leathery creature leaps down from the ceiling and to answer Nikoli: “He was naughty.”

The goat-like creature rips the man’s tongue out, drops him to the ground, and throws the tongue at Annie, hitting her squarely in the face. The Mythos kitty struggles free from Nikoli, leaps to the ground, and starts ravenously eating the tongue.

The goat-like creature seems confused by Annie’s accusations, and starts stamping on the ground and roaring as Douglas slowly makes his way across the room in order to tend to the dying man. Douglas stops the man from bleeding to death as the dwarfish woman wearing the holly necklace runs over to sit on the man’s lower chest.

“This is not justice,” Annie complains. “He doesn’t deserve to be killed. We have ways of handling things like this.” As Annie banters with the creature, she lowers her hand invitingly and the creature runs up her arm and onto her shoulder.

“Your way does not work,” the creature explains. “There are still so many naughty people. But don’t worry. We won’t be here much longer. Except, this place doesn’t seem very familiar. But anyway, I will take him away, now.”

As the creature attempts to leap from her shoulder, Annie stops him: “Wait! These people don’t deserve this. We need to discuss this.”

The creature responds: “I can’t control him much longer. But, we can wait,” and sits on her shoulder.

The beast stomps, growls, and begins hunching back and lowering its head as if it is about to charge at any moment. Realizing the immediate danger, Annie responds: “No, take him away. But you need to come back, right away. We need to discuss this before he kills anyone else.”

The leathery creature looks at her inquisitively, leaps off her shoulder and runs past the goat-beast while uttering something to it. It leaps onto the window sill and turns once more to look at Annie with a somewhat confused look on its face. It leaps out the window, and the goat-beast follows behind, grabbing the window sill and transforming into an icy cloud as it exits out of the window.

Angus and Elmer

Angus hears Annie shouting at something and decides to head upstairs to investigate. As he runs up the stairwell, he sees Elmer. The two banter as they make their way to the third floor room. As Elmer rounds the corner of the doorway he takes in the entire scene: the room is covered in ice. Douglas is kneeling in a pool of blood next to a nearly naked man who is bleeding profusely from his mouth and from several deep lacerations. Douglas has one hand shoved inside the man’s mouth and the other securely around the man’s throat. Annie is standing near the doorway with a black, leathery, demon-ish creature sitting on her shoulder and speaking softly into her ear. Beyond them is a huge goat-like creature that is roaring and bellowing. And on the walls are smiley and sad faces, painted in blood, one of which seems to be painting itself as he watches.

Elmer’s mind temporarily cracks as he begins to think: “It’s been Annie and Douglas all along! Douglas summons demons, and Annie controls Douglas. Every time there’s been a terrible creature, Annie and Douglas have been there. AND – Annie seems to be able to control these things. What is the creature on Annie’s shoulder? Why is that terrible goat-monster standing at bay? And, why is Nikoli acting like nothing is out of the ordinary? AND – why did Angus suddenly appear on the steps as he was heading back up here? Why is he standing behind him? Are they all in league? Are they all trying to trap him? Is this an ambush?”

Noticing Elmer’s mental collapse and subsequent paranoia, Nikoli starts talking to him. He convinces him to go back to their room where he continues to talk him down.

Annie, Douglas, and Angus

Annie stabilizes the man and Douglas searches the room for any signs of the occult while Angus waits in the hallway. Finding nothing, they carry the man to a taxi to be taken to the hospital, and then head back to find new, non-frozen rooms to sleep in.

December 10, morning (Saturday)

Nikoli wakes early and heads to a butcher to get fresh, bloody liver for his new kitty. He notices that fliers regarding the imminent coming of the King in Yellow have been posted and littered about.

The others awake to lots of commotion in the hotel. Police are swarming around, and the clerk is frantic. He has had enough of the strange happenings, is highly concerned about all the blood in the third story room, frightened by the recent newspaper articles, and generally freaked out by all of the recent happenings. He states that he is closing up and selling his hotel to Whiplash. “Everyone needs to leave right away. I’m selling this place and leaving town.” Douglas convinces him to sell the property to him, instead, and makes some phone calls to put the clerk/owner in contact with his lawyer in order to secure the deal. While hopeful that they will still be able to stay there, they find that the police are locking up the building until the issue that caused the explosion can be found and fixed.

NYT 1898 Dec 10 – Many Interesting Articles

It was the Best of Times, It was a Mythos Kitty
pondering next steps

December 9, 4-5 pm (Friday)

Annie and Douglas

Annie finds Douglas sitting in front of a pool. He calls it a pond and tells her “we have to watch. It’s going to happen soon.” He mumbles something about none of this being real and that he has to see what happens, so he’ll know. She gives him 30 minutes, but nothing happens. She throws him over her shoulder while he protests, but then says, “Oh, is this the wrong pond? Is that why nothing’s happening? Yes, let’s go to the right one – but we have to hurry or we’ll miss it.”

Annie flags down a taxi and heads to a veterinarian to patch up Jackson, Professor Abarbanell’s dog. Then they head to Pat Obrien Pub to wait for the others.


Leaves the taxi and heads back to Abarbanell’s study, intent on forging some documents from Professor Abarbanell to call for government assistance for the Shinnecock people. When he arrives, he finds the door slightly ajar and Chancellor MacCracken within.

MacCracken seems shocked, asking Elmer: “What happened? Where is the professor, and where is his dog?” Elmer plays dumb, saying that he heard sounds and headed up here, passing by a “ruffian” that was rushing away carrying a somewhat large sack. After much questioning by MacCracken, who seemed somewhat confused, Elmer convinced him that they should go together to the downstairs study and phone the police.

When the police arrived, they took statements. MacCracken conferred that he had heard noises, headed upstairs, and found Prof. Abarbanell’s study in disarray with the blood stains on the floor. He said that shortly thereafter, the older man came in and said he had seen a moderately young man wearing nice clothing running from the scene carrying a large sack – large enough to contain the professor. Elmer said that he heard noises, ran upstairs, and found the Chancellor in Prof. Abarbanell’s study acting very suspicious. Elmer’s Statement

The patrolmen became suspicious, and each took another statement from MacCracken and Elmer. They asked a few more questions, asked where Elmer could be reached “if detectives had any further questions” and then dismissed the two.

Elmer phoned the Manhattan 100th Street Precinct to speak with Detective Collier. The Detective was in, and Elmer explained that he was at the scene and Prof. Abarbanell was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital by a NYU student. Collier was shocked by what Elmer told him and confused as to why the Chancellor had simply said that the professor was missing. He agreed that he needed to go to the hospital to speak with the professor. Collier also asked if Elmer’s investigator friend had had time to investigate the Judge’s home, and was disappointed to hear that she had not. “I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to Professor Abarbanell’s study. There’s been so much happening, and so many places I need to go.”

Elmer headed to Pat Obrien Pub to meet up with the others.


Angus headed to Simon’s dorm and convinced him that they needed to go together to meet with Dr. Michelle Lightener. He called the doctor, was somewhat put-off by the man who answered the phone, but was provided an immediate appointment when he mentioned Professor Clarkson and Simon O’Greer.

Angus disclosed to Miss Lightener that he was part of a group that had been hired by Simon; that they had discovered a secret room in the professor’s study; that it contained a key, her business card, and other objects; and that they believe the professor may still be alive. Simon was shocked, but Dr. Lightener seemed unphased. After much discourse, she revealed that she was a good friend of Prof. Clarkson’s, and that he had told her if Simon came by she was to give him a key, a map, and tell him to go to the Gould Library because there was more information there.

She disclosed that Clarkson asked about folklore regarding “magical doorways”, was interested in folklore of the cultures that lived along a specific line across the globe, and any similarities between the folklore of these cultures along that specific line. She replied that every culture has beliefs regarding ley lines, and portals to other worlds that can open along those lines. In addition, there were certainly similarities between those cultures beliefs:
- Australians have the Mokoi, known to kill sorcerers who used black magic to kidnap and eat children.
- Indonesia have the Rakshasas, enormous creatures with two protruding fangs and sharp claws. They could fly, vanish, and change size at will, hunting and killing evil-doers.
- Hindi (India) have the Kirtimukha, a fierce monster with huge fangs that swallowed those who were evil. The image is placed above temple doors to keep the wicked out.
- Persians have the Daeva, demons that preyed on the wicked. They were eventually censured as being incapable of discerning truth from falsehood, and ultimately rejected and banished.
- Turks and Greeks that occupied Turkey until 1453 have no such monstrous folklore!
- Romanians also have no such monstrous folklore! Although they do have legends of the Blajini and Blajin. Blajini are invisible connectors between Inner and Hollow Earth from which the Blajin will randomly appear. Blajin are “incarnations of dead children not baptized” to whom they offer food and gifts to keep them at peace.
- Austria has several dark characters, such as Frau Perchta: who hands out both rewards and punishments during the winter months. She is best known for her gruesome punishment of the sinful: ripping out internal organs and replacing them with garbage.
- Germans have Krampus, who comes in early December to whip naughty children with batches of thin birch branches; the more evil ones he carries away in his sack or basket to drown, eat, and carry back to Hell. This German folktale, which arose in the early 1600s, is the only one that also recognizes a nemesis for the evil beast. St Nicholas who comes on Dec 6 to drive Krampus back and dispel him.

Dr. Lightener shared additional information:

  • She was the Professor of Diverse Cultural Studies at NYU years back
  • The Chancellor endorsed occult studies of other cultures in the Winter of 1892. It was purely academic at this time.
  • In summer of 1896 he began pushing the studies towards Black Magic.
  • She did not like the direction that the University seemed to be heading in, and after the Dean’s suicide in late July of 1896 she resigned her commission.
  • They should be careful when speaking to Chancellor MacCracken. “He seems to hold his own personal agenda above everything else. I’m not sure he can be trusted.”

Angus phones the Morris Guest House and asks the clerk to tell his friends that he will be at the Gould Memorial Library, and then heads there with Simon. After hours of investigation (details later) he heads back to meet up with the others.


After roughly 45 minutes, NIkoli notices that the perpetual motion machine is actually slowing down – slowly. Realizing he’s wasted a lot of time, he heads back down to the librarian to ask about the “strange rumors” regarding the library.

The librarian tells him that the library went under construction in March of 1893. During this time, most rooms were sealed off for a short time. However, a few rooms were sealed for over 6 months. This led to rumors, which students began printing in the newspaper which at that time was called “The Scholarly Voice”. The specific rooms were the entire basement floor, the second floor “Arts and Recreation room” and the third floor “Geography” room.

Nikoli re-searched the basement, but found nothing interesting. He searched the second floor Arts and Recreation room and found nothing interesting other than reproductions of famous paintings. He searched the third floor Geography room and found the opening line of “A Tale of Two Cities” with strange chevron shapes, and a large bronze coated globe secured to a concrete slab with metal bands bolting it to the floor. A small plaque reads: “Design by K. V. Clarkson 1892”.

As he reaches for the globe, he hears a sparking and crackling sound. As he turns he sees a tiny portal crackling and undulating,
accompanied by the smell of dank, firepit ashes. Suddenly, the portal opens to a couple feet wide and a 4’ long squid tentacle emerges. He runs toward the portal, attempting to dodge the tentacle to grab and close the portal. As he gets near, he hears snarling and hissing coming from the portal. The tentacle is difficult to avoid, and the noise is unnerving, so he backs out of the room keeping an eye on the tentacle. As he nears the doorway, he hears a loud snapping sound as the portal closes suddenly, severing and searing the tentacle. As it flops randomly on the floor, he hears a soft mewing.

Investigating closer, he sees a small, white kitten with solid black eyes trapped in the suckers of the squid-arm hand. As he reaches down to try to free the poor thing, it hisses and displays a frightening, fanged mouth.



He finds some morning biscuit pieces in his pocket and drops them next to the mythos kitten. They obviously smell delicious, and the kitten starts gobbling them up as Nikoli carefully releases the suckers’ grasps. He soothes the kitten and places it in his inner coat pocket. Then, he calls down to the librarian to find something to wrap the tentacle in.

As he is leaving the library with the 4’ long tentacle wrapped inside of an old curtain and draped over his shoulders, and the kitten tucked away in his coat pocket, the librarian stops him to ask what he is doing. Nikoli is frank, and after the librarian dares to peak within the curtain, he stands dumbfounded as Nikoli proceeds to leave the library in order to meet up with the other investigators at Pat Obrien pub.

That night, December 10, 3 am (Saturday)

As the investigators sleep, Annie is awakened by Edison and Gladstone growling. Douglas awakens as well to see a grotesque, almost skeletal, black leathery creature sitting at the foot of Annie’s bed.

“I do not have much time. He is coming, " the creature says. “I have to thank you. You were right. Clarkson was not safe. But he is safe now.”

“Who is coming?” Annie asks.

Then, the room becomes very cold. All the investigators awake, seeing their own breath and the frost and ice that is forming on the windows. The ceiling becomes covered with frost and begins dripping ice cold water. A smoky cloud begins forming outside the window as the creature says: “He is here. I must go.”

“Is he here to kill us?” Annie inquires.

“No!” the creature responds matter-of-factly. “Don’t be silly,” and then leaps out the window and begins to crawl up the wall to the third floor.

As the ceiling freezes over turning the dripping frost into icicles and the floor and windows of their rooms ice over, they hear a loud thumping sound as of something very heavy leaping down onto the floor above them. This is immediately followed by the shrill screams of a woman followed by more thudding and a man screaming, as well.

Where did Douglas go now?!
a disturbing memory, long forgotten

December 9, 1pm (Friday)

The desk clerk and bell hop are reading the latest disturbing news in the New York Times and Sun Newspapers. In the lounge area is a continental breakfast. An old couple sits at a table, reading and mostly ignoring each other. A young couple sits at another table, obviously having some sort of disagreement. The woman is sitting back with arms crossed and glaring, while the man is leading forward and speaking softly and imploringly.

Jennifer Coplin meets the investigators outside at the University. Nikoli heads to the West Wing Lecture Hall 9 while the others go to Professor Abarbanell’s study. She is very excited to hear that these are the investigators from Connecticut that Simon and Randal told her about.


Nikoli finds the a sign on the door that reads: “No Trespassing. Police Investigation in Progress.” The door is locked, so he enters through an open window. Inside, the room still smells of smoke and ash. Careful investigation of the floor around the burnt lectern and desk reveals a burnt and melted key and burnt copy of Zoroastrian Mysticism -Vol II Magis and Daevas. The only visible text on the chalkboards reads:

Jones’s Wo
May 16, 19
Mah 9 (Fir
Roj 3 (Ord
Roj 4 (Pow

He also finds notes written by a student from May 20, the date the professor spontaneously combusted.



Nikoli collects the evidence and heads to the library. He flashes his American Society for Psychical Research Work business card to the older librarian man and inquire about where to find “real” books on portals and other mythos topics. He says that members of The Society have confirmed that there is secret room hidden in the library. The librarian says that there certainly were strange happenings when the building was under construction several years back that led to rumors of such a room, but he has no idea where it might be located. He jokingly suggests that Nikoli “ask the library”. Nikoli replies, “that’s a good idea”, and begins trying to get in touch with any psychic energies that could provide clues. He wanders down to the basement where he finds research materials and known forgeries, but nothing that seems out of place. He heads to the next floor up where he discovers the Languages room to the left, and the Science/Technology room directly ahead. In the Technology side of the room he encounters what is labeled as “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Perpetual Motion Machine – Reproduction 1893 C. J. Scholer”. He gives the device a spin, and watches as it continues to spin for over 10 minutes without showing any signs of slowing. Completely mesmerized, he sits in front of the device, watching and waiting.

Professor Abarbanell’s Study

As the investigators approach Professor Abarbanell’s study, Edison and Gladstone become anxious and begin growling and tugging at their leashes. As they approach the door, they hear a dog yelp. Douglas opens the door, revealing a terrible scene. The professor is on the ground, severely wounded. Standing on his chest is a black, humanoid, bat-winged creature with claws dripping with blood. The same dog that Annie had seen in Simon’s and Randal’s dorm room is biting the creature’s leg. Jennifer rushes into the room, and Annie trips her to keep her safe.

As Douglas charges, the creature slashes the dog once more, knocking it off to the side. It is clear that the dog’s teeth have done no damage, although the skin within the bite mark shows strange signs of distress.

Annie charges forward to confront the creature while Elmer rushes to drag the professor out of harm’s way. Douglas, realizing the creature is highly resistant to physical attacks, begins casting a most horrific spell – Breath of the Deep. At first, the creature seems unaffected. But as Annie grapples the creature and holds it firm, it slowly begins to flail more violently.


With Annie confronting the creature, Jennifer runs to the Professor and Elmer. They both fail to stabilize him as the professors mumbles: “Help. My desk. Help him.” Elmer runs to the desk and rifles through the drawers to discover a burlap bundle contains a large set of keys and a photograph of Ken Clarkson with “517” written on the back. When Elmer returns to Jennifer, the professor is unconscious. She asks Elmer “what is this?” as she hands him a token:



As Douglas casts Breath of the Deep, his mind is taken back to the time where he had seen this very spell cast upon his own friends. He saw clear images of Mary and Angus, clutching at their throats, gasping and clawing for air as their faces turned blue. In his own mind, he imagined he could feel what they were feeling, the horrible sensation of breathlessness and fear.

As his thoughts became more solid, he remembered that he, too had once almost drowned. He remembered being very young, slipping on a muddy river bank, and falling into the river. He desperately struggled, but could not swim. He reached and kicked, but steadily fell further beneath the surface of the water. His lungs burned, and he was finally forced to take a breath which filled them with water. His vision faded as his brain burned.

Douglas struggled to remember what had happened, and mindlessly walked out of the room and wandered outside as he focused to remember.

He remembered waking on the river bank. Something must have dragged him from the water, but what? He coughed, and spit, and vomited. And as he did so, he saw his cousin sitting beside him. But something was strange. Perhaps it was the lighting, or perhaps he was still suffering from asphyxia. But he clearly remembered what he had long ago forgotten. His cousin was patting him on the back, smiling, with a slight webbing between his fingers that seemed to be slowly receding. The pupils of his eyes were vertical, almost reptilian. And his lips were thin and leathery, like that of a lizard. “Are you okay,” his cousin asked, and yet there was a slight hissing at the end of his annunciation of the words.


Realizing that Douglas must have cast some sort of spell, Annie wrestled the creature to give it time to take effect. The creature was strong and wiry, but she held it firmly as it slowly began struggling more and more – obviously in distress from whatever Douglas was doing to it. And then, for no apparent reason, Douglas began wandering off.

So, there she was. Edison was cowering close to the floor while Gladstone stood guard over him. Elmer and Jennifer were ministering to the professor. And Douglas was mindlessly wandering off. “God damn f’ing people! Why do I have to do everything myself!” She tried to break the creature’s arm, but failing that, began pounding its head against the floor. “Can’t … believe … I … always … have … to … kill … these … things … my … self …”

She realized that the creature was no longer struggling and was beginning to become mushy. She dropped it, and watched as it started to slough away and disintegrate into the air. After spending a few minutes pulling open its skull to look at its brain, she turned to help the professor. After stabilizing him, she told Elmer and Jennifer to “get him to the hospital”, and then left to find Douglas.

Jennifer Coplin

“Oh my god! What is that thing. Professor!
Ah, what the … Did she trip me?
It’s killing him. Jackson … No!
I’m gonna kick your … ah, shit!
Abarbanell. Damn, I’m coming.
What are you doing? He’s bleeding. Don’t you have anything to bandage him up?
What’s that? Help? Help him? What are you trying to say?
Clarkson? Ken Clarkson? Member? Member of what? What are you talking about? What is that?
Do you know what this is? He said something about Professor Clarkson, handed me this, and then passed out.
Oh, yes, try that. We’ve got to stop the bleeding.
Damn it! What the …
Yes, we’ll take him. We have to get him to the hospital. C’mon. Lift.
Taxi! We have to get him to the hospital.
Yes, he was attacked.
Yes, he was attacked by a raccoon.
I was there. It was crazy. This raccoon, it just leaped through the window and started attacking him.”

These Bread Knives are Very Sturdy
and the bowls are just right for catching blood

December 8, 8pm – Previously:

Nikoli met the group at Pete’s Tavern. His study of the book on portals was a success. The book was horribly written, using references to papers, theories, and experiments without any detailed information. Anyone not familiar with the references would need to first research the reference before being able to continue deciphering the book. Fortunately, through Nikoli’s earlier studies he was deeply familiar with every reference in the book. As such, he was not only able to decrypt the entire work, but also identified that the book also contains Mythos Spells. These spells, of course, will take additional study to discover their secrets. Zoroastrian Mysticism – Vol III notes.

December 9, 1am

Jack Spearfisher says he was looking for Johnny through the windows when Wannamaker snuck up on him and struck him with a crowbar. Wannamaker then punched him in the face, dragged him into the house and into the bedroom where Jack saw Johnny hanging with wrists tied to a hook in the ceiling. He was beaten and bloody. Wannamaker struck Jack repeatedly with the crowbar and kicked him while laughing. Then, a large black cat leapt on Wannamaker’s back and started clawing at his neck and face. Jack doesn’t remember what happened next, except that he awoke several street away, sitting on the sidewalk with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

Discoveries at Wannamaker’s house

Living Room

  • Coated with ice, frozen snow, and icicles.
  • A plush and decorative couch and matching love seat are tossed against a far wall and suffer severe claw damage. They are covered with frozen ice and snow on all sides.
  • The fireplace and logs are coated in a thick layer of frozen ice and snow.
  • A Monet (1875 Woman with a Parasol) hangs on the wall.


  • Coated with ice, frozen snow, and icicles.
  • A small closet contains nice clothing (shirts, slacks, jackets) with a top shelf containing nearly a dozen pair of dress shoes and a shoe-polish kit. One of the tweed coats is missing a button from the lapel.
  • Underneath the bed is a thin between blanket, and a large brown button.
  • The nightstand contains an oil lamp and a book (UK published edition of H. G. Wells War of the Worlds 1898.
  • The nightstand drawer contains a gun, a Kodak Bulls-Eye Special camera, and a folded up newspaper article containing a small key (with old dried blood stains).


  • No signs of ice or snow.
  • Contains a sink with running water, and porcelain toilet with tall-standing pull-chain.


  • No signs of ice or snow.
  • Contains a fancy red-oak desk, large bookcase with only a few fiction novels on it, and a photograph of Horace Wannamaker.
  • In the desk are a couple taxi receipts to Lower Manhattan and one to West Bronx with some staining on it (mud, blood, ???)
  • Behind the photograph is a keyhole to a secret room.

Secret Room

  • Contains a large trunk. Inside are blood stained cloths, several photos of various men and women in varying states of physical abuse, blank photograph plates, and processing chemicals. One set of photos is the Jane Doe from the hospital morgue.
  • A black curtain covers a door to a dark room for processing photographs. Hanging on a string are three photos showing Johnny in increasing degrees of abuse.
  • Annie took a photo of an anonymous victim with Wannamaker’s reflection in a mirror, Jane Doe, and the 3 of Johnny and placed them on Wannamaker’s body in various pockets.
  • Annie took another photo of Jane Doe so she could give it to Jack and Johnny so they would know their suspicions were right.

Dining Room

  • Coated with ice, frozen snow, and icicles.
  • A large red-oak table and 8 chairs are tossed against the far wall.
  • A painting has been ripped from the wall and tossed into the table and chairs.
  • On the right wall is a door splattered with blood.
  • The painting tossed into the table and chairs is a Helena Looisen (1829-1919) of a holiday meal with roast meat, wine, and decorative holly.


  • Coated with ice, frozen snow, and icicles.
  • Blood stains on the floor and throughout the kitchen.
  • Window over the sink has been smashed out.
  • Back door is slightly ajar.
  • Wannamaker’s body is hanging from the ceiling, both hands impaled with a break knife that has been driven a couple inches into the ceiling beam.
  • Wannamaker’s body is covered with welts, bruises, broken bones, and long gashes from being whipped unmercifully.
  • Several 3’ long, thin branches lie against a kitchen wall. They are coated with blood and skin/flesh fragments, except for 9" on one end.
  • A tiny 3" barefoot footprint is in one of the large blood stains on the floor.
  • On the ceiling are paired gashes, as if from horns.
  • Several finger paintings, made of blood, decorate the kitchen walls: smiley faces, trees, etc. Elmer sees the same strange old diminutive man finger-painting a smiley face on the wall. The wall smiles at him, waves, and then vanishes.
  • One area of the floor contains a large blood stain with signs of excessive whipping across the entire icy area.
  • Several yak hairs are throughout the kitchen, with many in the area of the large blood stain.

Outside the House

  • Nikoli finds a bloody crowbar on the backdoor kitchen step.
  • Nikoli hears chuckling around the corner, and follows it to find two diminutive old men wearing historic Austrian/German attire finger painting from a bowl on the side of the house. They hiss, disappear, and run off. On the side of the house, painted in blood, are frowny faces and the word “Naughty”.
  • Nikoli finds a holiday wreath that most likely used to hang on the front door tossed 5 or 6 feet away behind a bush.
  • Nikoli finds a couple large cloven hoof tracks near the front of the house.
  • Annie follows the hoof marks across the street, between two buildings, where they stop at the rise of a 6 foot tall snow bluff.

Back at Morris House

As the investigators enter Elmer’s and Nikoli’s room they spot small, padded, muddy footprints leading from the doorway to the bed. In the center of the bed is a hairy, brown wolf spider.

Annie picks up the phone to place an anonymous tip with the police department. Unfamiliar with how the phone system works, when the operator told the police station clerk that there was a call “from Morris Guest House,” she immediately said “no it’s not.” She gave her name as Jenna Coleman and explained that she heard someone screaming, and when the clerk asked more specifically what she meant, Douglas started muttering: “Oh my god! He’s beating me. He’s beating me to death. I’m dying. Someone help me. I’m dead. He’s beating me to death and now I’m dead.” The clerk became frantic and told Annie to wait just a few minutes, but Annie hung up the phone.

Wait! There's a Demonic Goat Monster?!

December 8, 4pm (Thursday)

Annie thought that Nikoli had been remaining quiet, nursing his sprained ankle. But after hours of investigating with the coroner she learned that he had actually left, returning to the hotel. “I hope he’s been studying the Zoroastrian Mysticism Vol III Rifts and Gates book,” is all she could think.

Annie learns from Nurse Richards that Jane Doe was brought in by Johnny Dearwood, Jack Spearfisher, and Michael Morgan – homeless men. Michael was extremely upset and insisted he would be going to the police, but the other two told him it was pointless. Since she knew the men could not pay for the expense of disposing of the body, Nurse Richards listed the woman as Jane Doe so that the city would pay the cost. The woman’s name was Lisa, with an unflattering last name such as Skanky or Stinky.

Annie remembers that Michael Morgan is the man that was arrested for attempting to torch the Wannamaker Department store on December 1. When brought to trial and found guilty, he pleaded with the court to investigate Horace Wannamaker for charges of Assault and murder of a dear female friend. However, he was unable to provide any evidence nor the woman’s name, and his claims were summarily ignored.

As Annie was reviewing the paperwork of the man brought in on December 1, accused of murdering the professors, 6 bodies were removed from the morgue and loaded onto a horse-drawn cart. Annie was curious about the sixth man since the coroner only had 5 in his possession. The driver told her they were 5 professors and Judge Riddle. She used her status as “a NY Police Department consultant” to ride along with the man to the Funeral Home. Halfway there, the man said the cart was unbalanced and stopped. While he re-positioned the bodies in the trailer, she saw him remove the toe tag from one of them. At the funeral home, she revealed the ruse: the Director was expecting and signed for 6 professors, but instead received 5 professors and Judge Riddle’s body had been substituted for Ken Clarkson.

The police were called, and two officers arrived: Patrolman Geoff Sturgis and Junior Officer Frank Waterford). Geoff knew Clarkson very well, having attended several Locksmith events where the professor earned several awards for his “ingenious and innovative designs”. As Geoff confirmed that the body was not Clarkson’s, but was Judge Riddle’s, Waterford took photographs to document the event.

On their way to the police statement for Annie to make a statement, she suddenly realized that Geoff Sturgis was the officer that brought Ken Clarkson, later re-identified as Victor Clark, to the hospital as the suspect of the professors’ murders. He seemed legitimately confused, insisting that there were 6 dead professors and that the man he took to the hospital was not Ken Clarkson, and yet he couldn’t remember what the man looked like or what he was wearing (except that he was covered with blood). He committed the man as a “John Doe”, and was very confused when Annie insisted that the admitting documents had the name “Ken Clarkson”.

Annie and Geoff turned around to review the other 5 bodies at the funeral home to confirm that none of them were Clarkson. Then, they again headed to the police station for Annie to make a statement. Along the way, Annie divulged that she was actually a private investigator hired by the New York Police Department to investigate the “deaths” of the professors. She told Geoff that Commissioner Ward was suspect, and that Ken Clarkson was most likely the man taken to the North Brother Island Riverside Hospital – but warned him that this whole situation could be dangerous and that he should keep all of this information to himself.

At the police station, Annie made her statement, providing her name as Irene Holmes currently residing at the Morris Guest House:

  • Details of the man who transported the bodies from the coroner to the funeral home, including his name (Bernard), the teamster’s union he belonged to, the company he worked for, how long he has been working there, and a detailed description.
  • Bernard stated that he was transporting 5 professors and 1 judge – and that Nurse Linda Richards can confirm this.
  • Bernard stopped on the way to the funeral home and purposefully removed the toe-tag from the Judge.
  • The hospital records indicate that 5 professors were received on December 1.
  • Funeral Home records indicate that 6 professors were to be received.
  • Either the hospital records are in error and 6 professors were received, or there was an error in the transport of the 6 professors so that only 5 were delivered to the hospital.
  • Either the Funeral Home records are in error and 5 professors plus the judge were to be received, or whoever arranged for the delivery of the bodies provided incorrect information.

Annie kept to herself that fact that the Funeral Home records show that the delivery of 6 UNY Professors’ bodies was arranged and paid for by Chancellor MacCracken.

In the library, Douglas perused the Ancient Farsi – Linguistic Transformations book. Cross-referencing with the Zoroastrian Mysticism Vol I – Dates and Deities and newspaper articles they found in Professor Clarkson’s study, he makes notes in the book.

In the library, Elmer presents the strange “invitation” he found on the bed. The librarians are confused, saying he it must be a joke and yet repeatedly asking how he obtained it. The eldest inquires as to Elmer’s area of study, and seems intrigued by Elmer’s studies into Indian (and more specifically Navajo and Delaware Indian) culture. He asks many questions, and continues to badger Elmer regarding who gave him the letter. Finally, Elmer says that someone handed it to him but he was too busy to pay attention to the person’s features. The librarian visibly shows some disappointment, but continues to inquire into Elmer’s studies. As Elmer excuses himself to leave, the librarian states that there may be additional texts that provide incite into Indian traditions in other sections of the library, and that he will seek them out and put them aside – if Elmer plans to return to the library. Elmer says he most likely will, make some more small talk, and then again excuses himself. The library stops him once more stating that there may be papers and dissertations in the “forbidden texts” section in the basement, and that he will look and pull these aside for him as well. “You will be coming back, won’t you? I can hold them for you for at least a few days.” Elmer assures the librarian that he will most likely come back, but as he excuses himself to leave, the librarian again stops him with additional menial information and questions. Finally, Elmer takes his leave and he and Douglas head to a main street to catch a taxi back to Pat Obrien Pub.

On their way to the main road, Elmer and Douglas find more yellow painted graffiti that reads:

The King in Yellow is Near
12 11 5 he comes to the CLeft

The investigators meet at Pat Obrien pub and share information over dinner and drinks. As Douglas drinks, he constantly nods off for a few minutes, exhausted from two nights of virtually no sleep. At around midnight, they head back to their hotel. On their way, they find more yellow-painted graffiti that reads:

The King in Yellow is Near
12 11 5 he comes to the CLeft

Heed the signs
206 Central Park N
481 Central Park W

As they read the graffiti, they notice a man stumbling towards them from the South. As he approaches, they recognize that he is obviously a homeless man – but is wearing an expensive, plush blanket over his shoulders. His face is recently and badly bruised, and he favors his left side and an obviously broken left forearm. “You have to help me. Johnny’s still in there – and he’s going to kill him!”

Annie asks the man’s name, and he says he is Jack. She quickly pieces together the information, asking if he is “Jack Spearfisher” and if his friend is “Johnny Dearwood”. He confirms that he is Jack Spearfisher, but is not sure if Johnny’s last name is Dearwood. He says that “Jessy and Carol saw Johnny get into a car, and the driver seemed to be holding a gun. Johnny’s been gone for a couple days, so I went looking, and found him. He’s got him in his bedroom. He’s going to kill him.”

The investigators follow as the man leads them, reluctant to reveal the name of the man who owns the home. As they round a corner and head down the street, they see a beautiful and fancy house covered in frost and snow with icicles hanging from the rafters. The windows are frozen and clouded over. The front door is open and swings eerily to and fro, because there is no wind.

“What happened?” Jack exclaims. “I don’t know what happened?”
“Who’s house is this!” Annie insists.
“Wannamaker. Horace Wannamaker.”

Dec 9, 1am (Friday)

Where is Ken Clarkson?!
I mean, Ken Clark's son, Victor

December 8 (Thursday)

Elmer: With the help of Jennifer Coplin (law student), gathered high-level information on Indian folklore and myths. However, Indians refuse to share specific cultural stories on many of the subjects. He convinces her to setup a meeting with Professor Abarbanell to discuss speaking with the Shinnecock tribe, and Chief Black Wing and Commissioner Roger “Little Wolf” to discuss their legal rights – and get details on the Wendigo and other characters. Elmer’s notes:
Folklore and Myths of the Indians of Delaware and the Surrounding Areas

Douglas: With the help of the younger librarian, discovers that most historians believe there is no Persian “magic”, and yet attribute Egyptian magic to Persian influences. Regarding the Jinn, these creatures stem from the tales of Solomon and the “ring of Solomon”, where he issued forth a Jinn that began causing problems, and then banished it with the help of the ring. “But for more details”, the librarian said, “you should speak with Professor Kilgaarden who is an expert of middle eastern and Persian cultures.” The librarian took Douglas to the second floor “Languages” section, where he showed him the treatise the Professor had written on improper translations of Persian words: Ancient Farsi – Linguistic Transformations.

Annie: Investigated many dead bodies with Coroner Jeffery Oakley.
The professors’ wounds do not line up with the tears on their clothing. All 5 carried the same key, and 4 carried the same strange amulet. In addition:
- Dean Woodwick had severe frostbite on front half of his body, prior to death. Large claw marks from a single swipe down his chest.
- Rupert Hering had severe frostbite on front left of his body. Large claw marks on chest and sides.
- Stephen Collier had severe frostbite on front right of his body. Large claw marks on both sides and back.
- Bill Clark showed no signs of severe frostbite prior to death. Large claw marks across his back, right side, and back of the legs.
- Albus Mumford showed no signs of severe frostbite prior to death. Large claw marks across his back, right side, and back of the legs.
- Judge Germaine Riddle showed no fang or claw marks. He suffered several lash marks as if he had been whipped to death. Investigation of the wounds revealed small pieces of bark, and the pattern in combination with the bark indicated that he had been whipped to death by someone holding several thin tree branches.
- Jeffery Yeller’s body was very similar to Judge Riddle’s, with one additional detail. His entire rib cage had been crushed, including his sternum which had been cracked in half.
- Jane Doe was a homeless woman that was brought in on November 25 by “2 or 3 homeless men”. She was beaten to death.

Oakley indicated that a man had also been brought in about an hour after the dead professors, and had heard he was suspected of murdering them. The nurse said the man was very disturbed, and he was originally mistaken as Professor Ken Clarkson. But the NYU Chancellor cleared things up: the man was Victor Clark, the son of a Mr. Ken Clark, who occasionally took some odd jobs at the University. The paperwork showed that he was transferred to the Riverside Hospital (insane asylum).

Nikoli: twisted his ankle on the way to the coroner, and focused on his injury while Annie investigated.

Where is Angus?!

December 7 (Wednesday late evening)

A long gray thread hangs from the empty hook in Professor Clarkson’s secret closet. On the floor beneath the hook are several thick black goat hairs.

Annie finds two books on Locksmithing and Lockmaking in the bookcase, solidifying the fact that the Professor was heavily into locks.

Upon returning to their hotel room, Elmer and Nikoli find an envelope addressed to Elmer Mannerly in the center of the bed. It reads: “You have been selected to interview for a prestigious position with the University of New York Library”. Elmer writes a note and leaves it on the dresser, thanking his “benefactor”.

Annie spends another hour studying Zoroastrian Mysticism Vol III Rifts and Gates and is able to follow the pattern of the text. She recognizes that it begins to talk about a type of portal, but then seems to stray off into unrelated topics, and then begins talking about a different type of portal. She realizes that the entire section is actually still talking about the portal, but using advanced terminology and referencing other works without giving any informative details: (“ephemeral lining”, “phy-recular cruxis”, “manifesting as described by Dr. Phonteus’ 1874 paper”, “reacts in opposition to the results of Huffman’s experiments”, etc.) Realizing she will need to gather additional research materials for cross-reference and spend at least a week or more to understand the text, she takes the book to Nikoli, leaving it on his chest as he slept."

Annie spends a couple hours studying the Lockmaking book from Prof Clarkson’s study. It is a high-level book using advanced locksmith terminology that she is already familiar with. She begins learning more details on the interior structure of different locks which will surely help her lock picking skills once she has finished studying the book.

Douglas is compelled to finish fixing the King in Yellow book, and finally completes it at daybreak. He breathes a sigh of relief as he scribes the final missing piece prominently on the final page of the book: the Yellow Sign.

December 8 (Thursday)

Elmer and Nikoli awake just after dawn and head to a restaurant to catch breakfast while they wait for Annie and Douglas to awake. On their way back to the hotel, they hear the sound of some young boys laughing, and then cheering. This is quickly followed by a loud cracking sound, like that of a whip, and hideous cackling laughter. Nikoli runs toward the alley where the sounds are coming from, pulling his gun. Elmer follows behind. As they round the corner they see 4 young boys on the ground laughing and picking up candy. Over them is a short, 4’ tall old woman with long, scraggly, black but graying hair. She wears a knitted shawl over 1600 German period style woman’s attire. She holds a long switch and is thrashing the boys as they grab and fill their pockets with candy.

Nikoli threatens her, aiming his pistol. Elmer runs to confront her. Her face is gnarled and gruesome, with sharp teeth and bright yellow eyes. She hisses, and turns to run away. Elmer trips her with his cane. Nikoli runs forward and tries to pin her to the ground. He slips as she rolls back and whips the back of his left hand; this leaves a long welt but doesn’t hurt. “You’re Nasty!” she hisses, and runs away.

Elmer helps Nikoli up, and he chases after her. However, as he round the corner he sees no sign of her. “I’m going to find you,” he threatens as he heads back to Elmer.

Elmer instructs the children that when they find candy, they need to take it somewhere else and not just stay there eating it while they are picking it up. A couple of the boys steal away, and the others leave when he mildly intimidates them in a non-hostile way.

Annie and Nikoli take a taxi to the hospital. Nikoli recognizes the cab number is the same as the number on many of the taxi receipts found at Prof Clarkson’s home. Nikoli begins asking the cabbie about their routes and fares, and Annie gets him to explain the initials and costs on the receipts.

Nurse Linda Richards asks Nikoli if Annie is the investor he spoke of. She shows the gold coins to Annie and explains that she only accepted them as payment for the 3 women that had been found at Judge Riddle’s home because one of the Doctors told her they were worth anywhere between $20 to $40 each, and that a collector might even pay up to $50 for some of the coins. Annie offers $210 ($180 to cover the cost of the women’s treatment plus $30 extra). The woman declines, stating that they are worth $240 at a minimum, and she fully expects to have additional money that she can donate to a charity – as the strange man that paid with these coins requested. Nikoli convinces her to sell them for $225: $15 under their minimum value, but $45 that could go towards the charity.

Douglas and Elmer take a taxi to the New York University Library. Elmer begins searching the library for texts on Indian folklore. Douglas approaches the 2 librarians (an older man and a younger man) behind the help desk. They are pointing to and reading a newspaper together. Douglas asks where he can find books on the occult and Indian folklore. He explains that his friend is looking for information on Indian folklore and he is doing research on Zoroastrian mysticism. The younger librarian points him to the 200 Religion section for Zoroastrian mysticism, but tells him that they will likely not find much of interest for Indian folklore. “The Indians don’t like to share their tribal stories with white men. But, we should have some high-level information in the 300 Social Sciences section.”

As Douglas converses with the librarians, they begin referencing articles in the newspaper: “There’s a lot of strange things happening lately.” “Can’t believe how the judge just dismissed the tribe’s complaint regarding the state taking their monthly supplies. But it serves him right for what happened to him.” They point out several newspaper articles that describe the incident with the Indians and Judge Anderson, and other strange things that have happened over the course of the last few days:
Black Wing’s Petition Denied
Food Thieves Strike Judge Anderson’s Home
A Trusted Clerk Arrested
Burglaries in Manhattan
Suspected Gambling House Pays Out Dearly
Kicked to Death By a Horse

Spiders and Bugs All Around Me
But I can't See Them!

December 7 (Wednesday evening)

As Nikoli and Annie move in front of Douglas to protect him, and Angus runs behind the huge spider and tries to draw its attention. The creature throws a mass of webbing that firmly sticks them all to the ground (including Gladstone).

Elmer runs up and climbs the spider, looking for weak spots. Gladstone breaks free and attacks. Angus and Nikoli shoot at the creature while a man and woman who had the misfortune of coming across the scene run off into the distance screaming frantically.

As Annie wrestles the thing back towards the portal and Elmer prepares to attack, Angus and Nikoli kill the creature with gunfire. It dissolves into a thick black goo.

Douglas saw the others battling what Annie had said was an “invisible monster”, and wondered “how come they can see it, but I cannot”. Then, he saw ichor spraying out from Nikoli’s gunshot wound and realized it must be a massive spider. He immediately panics under the realization, but is held firmly to the ground by the webbing. Annie quickly gives him some whiskey while Nikoli talks him down.

After resting and eating at the Pat Obrien Pub, they all head to Professor Clarkson’s study at the New York University – University Heights Campus. They pass yellow painted graffiti on a wall that reads: “The King is Coming ~ Heed the Signs”

On the door of Clarkson’s study is a note that reads: “No Trespassing by Order of Chancellor MacCracken!”

Inside they find several interesting things:

  • A chalkboard with lots or irregular shapes, lines, calculations, arrows, and strange symbols. Beneath these, a strange sequence of numbers, followed by other strange number sequences, and calculations.


  • Old newspapers with pages torn out
    • New York Times May 17, 1894: top left corner of page 3/4 torn off
    • The Sun May 17, 1894: top of front page torn off
    • The Triangle May 25, 1898: front page missing
    • New York Times May 21, 1898: top of front page torn off
  • A photo of Clarkson surrounded by several awards:
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics ~ Magna Cum Laude ~ University of New York ~ 1873
    • Master of Science in Mathematics ~ Discreet and Analytical Mathematics ~ University of New York ~ 1875
    • Doctor of Mathematics ~ Discreet Numeric and Approximation Analytics ~ Cum Laude ~ University of New York ~ 1877
    • Significant Achievement and Recognition ~ University of New York Mathematics Department ~ 1889 ~ For repeated significant achievements and advancement of the Department of Mathematics pre and post graduate curriculum and research projects
    • Regents’ Professor ~ University of New York ~ 1894 ~ For achievements in the field of mathematics and analytical studies.
    • Distinguished Fellow ~ University of New York ~ 1896
    • Most Innovative Design ~ National Locksmith Society ~ April 1889 Convention
    • Most Jimmy-Proof Cylinder ~ National Locksmith Society ~ April 1890 Convention
    • Most Innovative Design ~ National Locksmith Society ~ April 1891 Convention
    • Best Historic Reproduction ~ National Locksmith Society ~ April 1892 Convention

Pressing on a corner wall reveals a hidden panel with a key hole. The key that Simon gave them opens the door. Inside is a small 4′ × 2′ closet which contains:

  • Two hooks at eye level
    • Left hook holds a black robe with red lining.
    • Right hook is empty
  • Long table
    • 3 folded white handkerchiefs with gold embossed K.V.C.
    • small piece of paper with dates and strange writing
    • Business card for Dr. Michelle Lightener
    • Crystal covered dragon pendant necklace
    • a collection of keys on a wire, and another single key. The collection of keys matches the keys found in the envelope from his home.
    • Pages torn from newspapers:
      • top one is New York Times dated May 21, 1898 with cover page article “University Professor Dies in Flash Fire”: NYT Professor Dies in Fire. The date of May 20 is circled in red pencil, with the note: “Roj 8, Mah 9” and the time “3:30 pm” is circled. The words “Lecture Hall 9” are also circled with the note “Atar/Adar”. There are two articles of interest on this paper; the other is “Hottest Day of the Year”.
      • next one is NYU Student Paper dated May 25, 1898 with second page article “Dr. Baqir Fazar Incinerated”: NYU Fazar Incinerated. The words “during the times between the days” are underlined" and “precisely 3:30 pm” circled.
      • next one is The Sun dated May 17, 1894 with front page article “Jones’s Wood Burned Up”: SUN Jones’s Wood Fire. The date of May 16, 1894 is circled in red pencil with the note: “Roj 3, Mah 9”. Also underlined are “queer behavior of the fire” and “as if God’s own angels were sparing the home by blocking any westward advance of the fire”.
      • next one is New York Times dated Thur May 17, 1894 with page 3 article “Jones’s Wood Swept Away”: NYT Jones’s Wood Fire. The word “yesterday” is circled with red pencil note: “Roj 3 Mah 9”. Also, “one of the fiercest … for many years”. Also, the time “3:45” o’clock is circled with the note: “3:30 am? Noon?”.

As the others search the room, Nikoli sits in the professors chair and tries to feel any psychic impressions. He is immediately struck by a sense of worry which slowly builds into anxiety. The anxiety continues to build into dread and fear, and more specifically, a fear for his own life. Mixed with this fear is the thoughts of duty and the sense that he must continue, which is soon followed by a calming sensation: “I must speak to my friend again.” As this thought enters his mind, he knows that the friend is a woman. But this calm is quickly swallowed by anxiety and a growing sense of impending doom and fear. The emotional roller coaster repeats itself several times before Nikoli is able to break from the trance.

Everyone is so charming

December 7 (Wednesday)

The men in Prof Clarkson’s home are apparently the newly appointed New York University professor of Mathematics (gentleman with short black hair wearing suit jacket and slacks) and Benjamin (nicely dressed black man). They are looking for Prof Clarkson’s lecture notes and research papers. They assumed the professor’s notes would be at his home since there are no classes right now, but will search his study since they did not find them here.

The chalk board in the study contains mathematical drawing and calculations.

Angus discovers several items hidden in the study: manila envelope containing an oddly marked-up global map, and business card for Dr. Michelle Lightener; envelope with several keys and a strange symbol and mathematical-looking formula; a Celtic-cross key chain with two keys; one thick and one thin silver band ring; birth certificate for Kenneth Victor Clarkson, death certificate for Miriam Stance Clarkson, and death certificate for Kenneth William Clarkson.


Among the mess of papers scattered on the floor are a collection of taxi receipts:

  • 20 cents with "Cab 9 JB; Location = MI”: Sun Aug 21, Sat Oct 22, Sat Oct 29, Sun Nov 13, Thur Nov 24.
  • 20 cents with "Cab 3 KL; Location = WB”: Sun Aug 21, Sun Nov 13.
  • 20 cents with "Cab 7 DG; Location = WB”: Sat Oct 22, Sat Oct 29.
  • 15 cents with "Cab 13 P Croft; Location = LM”: Thurs Nov 24.
  • 35 cents with "Cab 5 FH; Location = LM”: Mon Aug 15, Mon Oct 10.
  • 35 cents with "Cab 13 P Croft; Location = LM”: Tues July 5, Mon July 18, Mon Aug 1, Mon Aug 29, Mon Sep 12, Mon Sep 26, Mon Oct 24, Mon Oct 31, Mon Nov 7, Mon Nov 21.
  • 35 cents with "Cab 18 S Smith; Location = WB”: Tues July 5, Mon Aug 15, Mon Aug 29, Mon Sep 12, Mon Oct 24.
  • 35 cents with "Cab 21 RNT; Location = WB”: Mon July 18, Mon Aug 1, Mon Sep 26, Mon Oct 10, Mon Oct 31, Mon Nov 7, Mon Nov 21, Thur Nov 24.

Angus spent several hours searching the house for something that the key Simon had given them would unlock, or anything else of importance, but eventually left to meet the others at the Pat Obrien Pub.

As Elmer waits for Detective Collier to leave for lunch, he hears a disturbance from a hot dog vendor that is short-changing customers. He notices a small creature peering at him from beneath one of the cart’s wheels that looks like a small, 2 1/2 foot tall old man. He tries to wave the vendor over to him, but after noticing the cart cannot easily be moved, he heads over to the vendor. At that time the tiny old man pulls something from the wheel which causes the cart to crash over, spilling hot dogs, buns, and condiments everywhere (and scalding the vendor with hot liquid). The tiny old man runs away, and Elmer chases after him – no one else seems to notice the little old man, but are certainly startled by Elmer charging across the street and into an alley.

The tiny old man explains that the vendor “is a bad man; very naughty”. Elmer asks for the wooden pin that he had pulled from the wheel, and the tiny old man tells Elmer that he is “very nice” and that “we might see each other again”.

Elmer helps the vendor repair the wagon, and then rushes to meet Detective Collier as he is exiting the police station. Elmer explains that he is a researcher of Native American Indian affairs and also interested in native wildlife, and was intrigued by what kind of animals could have been responsible in the professors’ and judge’s deaths.

Elmer is so charming that Detective Collier forgets himself and begins disclosing confidential information. He tells him, in an exasperated tone, that the professors were not killed by wild animal attacks, and how it’s so frustrating that someone keeps reporting false statements to the press. After more friendly prodding, Collier discloses that Judge Riddle was also not killed by wild animals, and neither was the man found dead in the Station’s holding cell. He describes the horrific, bloody crime scenes and terrible lacerations that both of them suffered. He is very disgruntled about the Commissioner releasing false information to the press, even if it is to keep the public from panicking. He agrees to allow Elmer’s associates to help investigate Judge Riddle’s home and the holding cell because he can’t explain what could possibly have killed them.

Three women are sitting up in their beds and chatting inside the hospital room. In his standard, charming fashion, Nikoli asks the women questions to determine the Judge’s motives and any clues to his death.

Two of the women are homeless, and one is a prostitute of Madam Lucy’s House. They explain that the judge lured them with the promise of a meal and money in exchange for sex. But when he got them into his home, he knocked them unconscious and they found themselves chained up in his basement.

Bambi Tuchin was abducted on Mon Nov 21; Annabelle Harp was abducted on Wed Nov 23; Missy Stern was adbucted on Fri Dec 2 – the night of the Judge’s death. Missy recounts seeing something hiding behind a couch, and then realized it was a large black cat. But when she asked about the cat, the Judge exclaimed that he had no cat, and then knocked her unconscious.

Regarding the night of the Judge’s death, the girls told a chilling tale: “It was late night, I think. We were all sleeping and were awakened by a strange noise that sounded like howling wind. The sound got louder and fiercer, and then it started to get cold. The ceiling froze over with a sheet of ice, and we could see our breath. And then the screaming and stomping started. It was horrible and seemed to last forever. It was like something huge was stomping on the ceiling, and there was giggling and horrific screams. Then, suddenly, it ended. It started to warm a bit, and the ceiling started to thaw and drip. We huddled together to keep warm. It must have been hours, and we all fell asleep again, waking to think it had been some sort of nightmare, and yet still feeling the cold drip of the melting ice on the ceiling. And then we heard the trap door open again. We were terrified and slightly blinded when the lights came on, but then we saw a young police officer. He told us that everything was going to be alright, to not be afraid, and that he was going to get help. It was only a matter of minutes before several police officers were there.”

Annie and Douglas
The cabbie drops them off at the Museum of Natural History across the street from an entrance to Central Park. He explains that they should follow the path in and pass by two major crossing paths, and soon after should take the path to the right. To their left and up ahead they will see a large hill with a castle on top. If they are nearing the castle, they have gone too far. He charges them 20 cents for the trip.

As they walk through the path, they see that the snow is not so bad here – merely a foot or two deep. In addition, water is running down from the large hill helping to melt the ice and snow. Up ahead, at what appears to be the other end of Central Park, they see the top of a tall Egyptian style obelisk that must be at least 100 feet tall. Continuing on, they soon see a marker for “The Rambles” and take the path, following the directions that Randall Crimini gave them. Upon reaching the area where the professors were found dead, Annie spots tracks in the snow further down the path. She follows the human footprints to a mass of shrubbery where a homeless man is sleeping. “Hey, what do you want! What are you doing in my home!”

Through penny-piece coercement, the man provides details of the day the professors were found dead.

  • A man with a great, bushy, white beard and a black man were pushing a large cart.
  • They unloaded 5 dead men from the cart, placing them near each other some distance away.
  • They pulled out knives and began cutting and tearing at the men’s clothing
  • He looked in the wagon, and found several pairs of goat leggings and long dark gray robes
  • He took the cleanest and best pair of leggings, but did not take a robe because they were all torn up and covered with blood and gore
  • The two men left with the wagon
  • A few hours later he heard horns and loud bells. When he came back to look, he saw several police officers, so he left

When Annie searched the area where the man said the cart had rested, she found a strange and mystical looking amulet. Douglas purchased the man’s goat leggings so they could further investigate them.


Elmer headed to the hospital so he could speak with the coroner to get the names of the 5 (not 6) professors that had been found dead in The Rambles of Central Park.

Nikoli found Elmer waiting outside, and they were soon joined by Annie and Douglas. Douglas handed the goat leggings to Nikoli, and immediately got visions: he felt cold, especially a blast of freezing cold wind and an incredible numbness on one side of his face; he heard screams of several men in agony, and then felt two sharp daggers or claws tearing into his chest. He threw the leggings to the ground, and had difficulty explaining his experience.

The group attempted to talk to Coroner Oakley, but found that he had left for the day. So, they made an appointment to speak to him the following morning and headed off to the Pat Obrien Pub.

As the investigators were heading to the pub, they heard a loud crackling noise. An electrical charge filled the air and their hair stood on end. As the sound became louder, they began to smell something metallic, and a small spot in mid-air seemed to sparkle and erratically undulate. Suddenly, the spot expanded into a large, swirling vortex of purplish-white gaseous vapor circling inside an oval portal that hung in the air. A long, chitinous leg stepped through the portal, followed by the body of a massive spider. Its body was dark purple with splotches of black. It turned its head quickly from side to side, glancing back and forth at Douglas, Annie, Nikoli, and Elmer. From a side road, Angus watched as the spider suddenly leaped forward, charging at Douglas. Elmer stepped back in fright, while Annie and Nikoli screamed at Douglas to beware. But Douglas simply responded: “What are you guys so freaked out about. It’s just a strange portal or something.”

Obviously, Douglas could not see the horrible beast that was charging toward him.


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