Angus McAbis

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Feast of Fish – original Description and Biography
Barnum Institute of Science and Horror
Sleepy Little Township


Feast of Fish
Barnum Institute of Science and Horror
Sleepy Little Township


  • Pair of Bean Handcuff Company ratchet clasp handcuffs: Bean Prison and Bean Patrolman. The revolutionary design includes a unique release button that locks the cuff. This allowed the cuffs to be carried closed but unlocked. Once locked, the key was required to reset the button and unlock the cuffs.
  • Prototype of the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Co. of New York electric hand lamp or flashlight. It takes 3 D-cell batteries, the light is weak and battery-life is only a few hours. David Misell and Conrad Hubert recently began giving the new devices to the New York City policeman to gain feedback and, hopefully, testimonials. Somehow, Angus was also able to acquire one.
  • Anunnaki Stun Gun from the Sleepy Little Township campaign. He has used it to disarm violent criminals by showing he is unarmed, and then getting close enough to use it effectively – all the while, keeping its existence hidden from everyone but his fellow investigators. It causes a electrical burning sensation whenever used, which is painful and can only be healed by time, so he keeps its use to a minimum. However, one of the last times he used it, he felt it sparking inside his forearm, causing an intense burning sensation and sharp pains in the back of his head. He has used it one time since, and it worked normally, but he is concerned that it may be starting to malfunction.
    • When placed against the inner forearm, the stun guns pierce the skin, cauterize a small hole, and graft themselves to the nervous system and brain.
    • Operation requires concentration and flex of the wrist upwards, plus a successful POW check.
    • Upon activation of the device a human will feel significant burning pain shoot up the arm which causes 1 HP damage and an additional 1 HP damage unless they pass a CON check.
    • The device shoots a beam up to 30 feet. A successful DEX check is required to hit a target; the difficulty is increased by range: 0-5 feet = DEX+1; 6-10 feet = DEX; 11-20 feet = DEX-1; 21-30 = DEX-2. The target gets a Dodge if the range is greater that 5 feet, with a bonus based on range: 6-10 feet = Dodge; 11-20 feet = Dodge+2; 21-30 feet = Dodge+4.
    • A creature hit by the stunner is knocked unconscious for an amount of time based on intelligence: animal = 6+d6 minutes; human = 60+(10*d6) minutes; greater = 120+(10*2d6) minutes.

Angus McAbis

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