Nikoli Zinkoff

Polish Clairvoyant


Sleepy LIttle Township – original Description and Biography


Sleepy Little Township

Mental Disorders

Ophidiophobia: fear of snakes and all things snake-like and slithery
Ailuromania: abnormal obsession and love for cats

Mythos-modified Memory

Nikoli Watched a Snake Eat his Kitten as a Small Child
Nikoli Ripped his Kitten in Half and Broke its Leg Trying to Rescue it


Biali, rescued from the tentacles of a horrid creature hidden behind a random portal.



A Russian cigarette holder made of pure silver with inlaid Russian double-eagle design that seems to never run out of cigarettes. Just before leaving for the states, Nikoli was compelled to go fishing. While walking across the old battle field that led to a large stream in the forest, he heard the ghostly voice of a soldier. The soldier led him to “his prized possession”, buried by time near the base of an old oak tree near the stream. He took it home and cleaned it well; that night, in a dream, smoke began billowing out of it. He awoke with a fright, but has never had the dream nor heard from the soldier since.


Carved and Polished Stone Amulet, a gift from the pookas in the O’Doules barn:


Love Interest

Miss Stephanie Colton, previous school teacher of Williamstown, PA – now teacher at the new Portchester Open School House:

Ellie Pinkton, Miss Stephanie’s very close friend:

Nikoli Zinkoff

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