Estimated Play Date

Sept 9, 2017 – Dec 30, 2017

Game Date and Setting

December 5-ish 1898
New York, NY

Request for Feedback

I feel like the previous game, “Sleepy Little Township”, was okay, but failed in some areas. Please add Feedback here for what you feel could be better, and/or what you would like to see in the next game.

Character Generator

CoC Character GeneratorVersion 1.4.1 (Jan 8, 2017): save your character files anywhere and rename the file however you like. Load/Save custom occupation files (another step closer to adding custom occupations through the form).

Rule Clarifications, Summaries, and House Rules

Rule Summaries and House Rules, including helpful Wiki page editing tips.

Increasing MP: We will be adopting many of the new 7th edition CoC rules, one of which allows for increasing a characters MPs. In short, both Douglas and Annie have cast spells that allow them to make two improvement checks following the same rules as for Skills. Likewise, Nikoli has had important psychic encounters that allow him to make two improvement checks.

The Game

Prologues (Player Homework) things that the investigators did, and events that happened to them, prior to the start of the main session.

The Story So Far – Summary of the investigators’ adventures.
Cast of Characters – Significant people.
Newspapers – Because there’s never enough time to read the entire paper during the game.
Players’ Timeline – known dates of important events.

End of Game

Historic Timeline – timeline of important events regarding this adventure
New York Times papers – important news articles published after the end of this adventure


Mythos Books and Items

Mythos Books in the party’s possession
Mythos Items in the party’s possession

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