Mythos Books

Mystical books owned by the investigators.

Book Benefit Studied
Ancient Old Ones and their Modern Day Servants 1 CM% Douglas
Brothers of the Yellow Sign 1 Info n/a
Kinder-und Hausmarchen 1 CM% Douglas
Frau Trude 1 Info n/a
Homo-Rattus Monstrosus 1 Rat-thing spells Douglas
Magic of the Nameless Cults 1 CM%; spell Annie
Magie der Alten Kulte 1 CM%; spells Douglas
Revelations of Hali 1 CM%; Occult% Annie; Douglas
Shaggai Shan 1 Info n/a
Indescribable Entities, their Kin, Kind, and Powers Revealed 3 CM%*; spells Douglas
The King in Yellow1 CM% Annie; Douglas
  • - bonus applies to only specific entities: Baron Samedi, Cthulhu, Lloigor, Shub-Niggurath, Tsathoggua, Yog-Sothoth, Zhar, Tcho-Tcho.

Campaign Acquired

1 – Feast of Fish
2 – Barnum Institute of Science and Horror
3 – Sleepy Little Township

Mythos Books

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