Mythos Items

Mystical items owned by the investigators.

Item Use Confirmed
Amulet – pewter cross on thin chain with dried blood in crevices1 protection no
Shriveled Monkey Paw – with 3 fingers down1 wishing device yes
Idol (of cthulhu)1 summon a great old god no
Clear liquid1 gain great courage and will power no
Clear liquid1 suffer weakness as a baby for several minutes no
Cloudy gray liquid1 gain great influence over next person spoken to no
Clear yellow liquid1 purify tainted/unclean liquids no
Clear green liquid1 add to liquid to create suffocation poison no
White gas with some visible clear liquid1 douse object to turn it to mist for hours no
Red cloudy liquid1 gain immunity to fire for several minutes no
Tan milky liquid1 see visions and have dreams no
Black liquid1 poison, kills in minutes no
Purple molasses liquid1 gain immunity to physical attacks for several seconds no
Red tar1 gain 3 wishes no
Black tar1 apply to deflect any spell to another random target no


Campaign Acquired

1 – Feast of Fish
2 – Barnum Institute of Science and Horror
3 – Sleepy Little Township

Mythos Items

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