Nikoli's Notes Regarding Astral Projection

Notes Nikoli has collected regarding Astral Projection.


All distance-related magic operates through portals – rifts/gates through extra-dimensional space that link two physical locations in this realm to each other. There are four basic types of portals: Flash, Ephemeral, Lasting, and Fixed. The type of astral or physical projection achieved is based on the type of portal used.

  • Flash: instantaneous visions
  • Ephemeral: scrying
  • Lasting: prolonged interaction
  • Fixed: transportational gateway

To master astral projection, one must first master generation of the various types of portals.

Flash: Instantaneous. Used for teleportation of objects and quick glimpses of distant areas. Living objects cannot typically withstand the stress of teleportation through flash portals, and fragile objects will likely shatter.
Ephemeral: Momentary. Used for visions and physically travelling from one location to another. These are visible portals, lasting several seconds, that can be physically passed through to traverse great distances in an instant.
Lasting: Long-term. Used for scrying and investigation. Typically small due to the amount of energy required to maintain it; therefore, best for long-term astral projection and other non-physical interactions.
Fixed: Permanent. Used to create permanent gateways for both mental and physical traversal. Extremely difficult to open and dangerously unstable unless stabilized by an ‘anchor’. Unstable/un-anchored portals stress the surrounding ley lines and can result in a tearing of the magical fabric, resulting in random creation of additional unstable portals.

The actual opening/closing requires different levels of power.

Flash: Concentration. Focused concentration to envision the area is all that is needed to open flash portals, although a physical object from the area as a focal point can be quite helpful.
Ephemeral: Concentration and spiritual aids. Focused concentration and additional aids such as smoke, tarot cards, and tea leaves can open momentary portals.
Lasting: Meditation. Scrying aids such as crystal balls and mirrors are necessary to prolong the duration of the open portal.
Fixed: Meditation and ceremony. Focused concentration, ceremony, and multiple participants are required to open a fixed portal. In addition, a ceremonial artifact such as a dagger or iron box is required to stabilize the fixed portal.

Nikoli's Notes Regarding Astral Projection

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