I'll Tell You No Lies

It was the Best of Times, It was a Mythos Kitty

pondering next steps

December 9, 4-5 pm (Friday)

Annie and Douglas

Annie finds Douglas sitting in front of a pool. He calls it a pond and tells her “we have to watch. It’s going to happen soon.” He mumbles something about none of this being real and that he has to see what happens, so he’ll know. She gives him 30 minutes, but nothing happens. She throws him over her shoulder while he protests, but then says, “Oh, is this the wrong pond? Is that why nothing’s happening? Yes, let’s go to the right one – but we have to hurry or we’ll miss it.”

Annie flags down a taxi and heads to a veterinarian to patch up Jackson, Professor Abarbanell’s dog. Then they head to Pat Obrien Pub to wait for the others.


Leaves the taxi and heads back to Abarbanell’s study, intent on forging some documents from Professor Abarbanell to call for government assistance for the Shinnecock people. When he arrives, he finds the door slightly ajar and Chancellor MacCracken within.

MacCracken seems shocked, asking Elmer: “What happened? Where is the professor, and where is his dog?” Elmer plays dumb, saying that he heard sounds and headed up here, passing by a “ruffian” that was rushing away carrying a somewhat large sack. After much questioning by MacCracken, who seemed somewhat confused, Elmer convinced him that they should go together to the downstairs study and phone the police.

When the police arrived, they took statements. MacCracken conferred that he had heard noises, headed upstairs, and found Prof. Abarbanell’s study in disarray with the blood stains on the floor. He said that shortly thereafter, the older man came in and said he had seen a moderately young man wearing nice clothing running from the scene carrying a large sack – large enough to contain the professor. Elmer said that he heard noises, ran upstairs, and found the Chancellor in Prof. Abarbanell’s study acting very suspicious. Elmer’s Statement

The patrolmen became suspicious, and each took another statement from MacCracken and Elmer. They asked a few more questions, asked where Elmer could be reached “if detectives had any further questions” and then dismissed the two.

Elmer phoned the Manhattan 100th Street Precinct to speak with Detective Collier. The Detective was in, and Elmer explained that he was at the scene and Prof. Abarbanell was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital by a NYU student. Collier was shocked by what Elmer told him and confused as to why the Chancellor had simply said that the professor was missing. He agreed that he needed to go to the hospital to speak with the professor. Collier also asked if Elmer’s investigator friend had had time to investigate the Judge’s home, and was disappointed to hear that she had not. “I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get to Professor Abarbanell’s study. There’s been so much happening, and so many places I need to go.”

Elmer headed to Pat Obrien Pub to meet up with the others.


Angus headed to Simon’s dorm and convinced him that they needed to go together to meet with Dr. Michelle Lightener. He called the doctor, was somewhat put-off by the man who answered the phone, but was provided an immediate appointment when he mentioned Professor Clarkson and Simon O’Greer.

Angus disclosed to Miss Lightener that he was part of a group that had been hired by Simon; that they had discovered a secret room in the professor’s study; that it contained a key, her business card, and other objects; and that they believe the professor may still be alive. Simon was shocked, but Dr. Lightener seemed unphased. After much discourse, she revealed that she was a good friend of Prof. Clarkson’s, and that he had told her if Simon came by she was to give him a key, a map, and tell him to go to the Gould Library because there was more information there.

She disclosed that Clarkson asked about folklore regarding “magical doorways”, was interested in folklore of the cultures that lived along a specific line across the globe, and any similarities between the folklore of these cultures along that specific line. She replied that every culture has beliefs regarding ley lines, and portals to other worlds that can open along those lines. In addition, there were certainly similarities between those cultures beliefs:
- Australians have the Mokoi, known to kill sorcerers who used black magic to kidnap and eat children.
- Indonesia have the Rakshasas, enormous creatures with two protruding fangs and sharp claws. They could fly, vanish, and change size at will, hunting and killing evil-doers.
- Hindi (India) have the Kirtimukha, a fierce monster with huge fangs that swallowed those who were evil. The image is placed above temple doors to keep the wicked out.
- Persians have the Daeva, demons that preyed on the wicked. They were eventually censured as being incapable of discerning truth from falsehood, and ultimately rejected and banished.
- Turks and Greeks that occupied Turkey until 1453 have no such monstrous folklore!
- Romanians also have no such monstrous folklore! Although they do have legends of the Blajini and Blajin. Blajini are invisible connectors between Inner and Hollow Earth from which the Blajin will randomly appear. Blajin are “incarnations of dead children not baptized” to whom they offer food and gifts to keep them at peace.
- Austria has several dark characters, such as Frau Perchta: who hands out both rewards and punishments during the winter months. She is best known for her gruesome punishment of the sinful: ripping out internal organs and replacing them with garbage.
- Germans have Krampus, who comes in early December to whip naughty children with batches of thin birch branches; the more evil ones he carries away in his sack or basket to drown, eat, and carry back to Hell. This German folktale, which arose in the early 1600s, is the only one that also recognizes a nemesis for the evil beast. St Nicholas who comes on Dec 6 to drive Krampus back and dispel him.

Dr. Lightener shared additional information:

  • She was the Professor of Diverse Cultural Studies at NYU years back
  • The Chancellor endorsed occult studies of other cultures in the Winter of 1892. It was purely academic at this time.
  • In summer of 1896 he began pushing the studies towards Black Magic.
  • She did not like the direction that the University seemed to be heading in, and after the Dean’s suicide in late July of 1896 she resigned her commission.
  • They should be careful when speaking to Chancellor MacCracken. “He seems to hold his own personal agenda above everything else. I’m not sure he can be trusted.”

Angus phones the Morris Guest House and asks the clerk to tell his friends that he will be at the Gould Memorial Library, and then heads there with Simon. After hours of investigation (details later) he heads back to meet up with the others.


After roughly 45 minutes, NIkoli notices that the perpetual motion machine is actually slowing down – slowly. Realizing he’s wasted a lot of time, he heads back down to the librarian to ask about the “strange rumors” regarding the library.

The librarian tells him that the library went under construction in March of 1893. During this time, most rooms were sealed off for a short time. However, a few rooms were sealed for over 6 months. This led to rumors, which students began printing in the newspaper which at that time was called “The Scholarly Voice”. The specific rooms were the entire basement floor, the second floor “Arts and Recreation room” and the third floor “Geography” room.

Nikoli re-searched the basement, but found nothing interesting. He searched the second floor Arts and Recreation room and found nothing interesting other than reproductions of famous paintings. He searched the third floor Geography room and found the opening line of “A Tale of Two Cities” with strange chevron shapes, and a large bronze coated globe secured to a concrete slab with metal bands bolting it to the floor. A small plaque reads: “Design by K. V. Clarkson 1892”.

As he reaches for the globe, he hears a sparking and crackling sound. As he turns he sees a tiny portal crackling and undulating,
accompanied by the smell of dank, firepit ashes. Suddenly, the portal opens to a couple feet wide and a 4’ long squid tentacle emerges. He runs toward the portal, attempting to dodge the tentacle to grab and close the portal. As he gets near, he hears snarling and hissing coming from the portal. The tentacle is difficult to avoid, and the noise is unnerving, so he backs out of the room keeping an eye on the tentacle. As he nears the doorway, he hears a loud snapping sound as the portal closes suddenly, severing and searing the tentacle. As it flops randomly on the floor, he hears a soft mewing.

Investigating closer, he sees a small, white kitten with solid black eyes trapped in the suckers of the squid-arm hand. As he reaches down to try to free the poor thing, it hisses and displays a frightening, fanged mouth.



He finds some morning biscuit pieces in his pocket and drops them next to the mythos kitten. They obviously smell delicious, and the kitten starts gobbling them up as Nikoli carefully releases the suckers’ grasps. He soothes the kitten and places it in his inner coat pocket. Then, he calls down to the librarian to find something to wrap the tentacle in.

As he is leaving the library with the 4’ long tentacle wrapped inside of an old curtain and draped over his shoulders, and the kitten tucked away in his coat pocket, the librarian stops him to ask what he is doing. Nikoli is frank, and after the librarian dares to peak within the curtain, he stands dumbfounded as Nikoli proceeds to leave the library in order to meet up with the other investigators at Pat Obrien pub.

That night, December 10, 3 am (Saturday)

As the investigators sleep, Annie is awakened by Edison and Gladstone growling. Douglas awakens as well to see a grotesque, almost skeletal, black leathery creature sitting at the foot of Annie’s bed.

“I do not have much time. He is coming, " the creature says. “I have to thank you. You were right. Clarkson was not safe. But he is safe now.”

“Who is coming?” Annie asks.

Then, the room becomes very cold. All the investigators awake, seeing their own breath and the frost and ice that is forming on the windows. The ceiling becomes covered with frost and begins dripping ice cold water. A smoky cloud begins forming outside the window as the creature says: “He is here. I must go.”

“Is he here to kill us?” Annie inquires.

“No!” the creature responds matter-of-factly. “Don’t be silly,” and then leaps out the window and begins to crawl up the wall to the third floor.

As the ceiling freezes over turning the dripping frost into icicles and the floor and windows of their rooms ice over, they hear a loud thumping sound as of something very heavy leaping down onto the floor above them. This is immediately followed by the shrill screams of a woman followed by more thudding and a man screaming, as well.



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