Elmer's Statement

Date, time, place: Dec 9, 5:00pm
Full Legal Name: Elmer Z. Mannerly, born May 1, 1851
Residence: Visiting at the [what’s that place]; permanently in Fairfield at [his home]

Arrived at the building intending to meet with a student and professor (Abarbanell) regarding a mutual interest in local history. Shortly after his arrival, the student (female, unnamed) stumbled out of the building, supporting her professor who appeared badly injured and very bloody.
After inquiring after his and her safety, he went to fetch a cab. While loading the student and professor into the cab, he asked what had gone on. Student didn’t know and professor was incoherent. He supposedly said “My dog! … [gurgle]ig raccoon …” before losing consciousness. The cab should have been destined for St. Barnabus hospital.

Elmer went to check on the dog and drive away the raccoon, yet found Chancellor MacCracken in Abarbanell’s study, who he says did not seem disturbed by the scene. There was no obvious sign of the dog.

MacCracken asked Elmer about Abarbarell’s location, but fearing that the lapsing professor had said “MacCracken”—not “Big racoon”—Elmer held his tongue, instead suggesting that they all the police. Elmer claims MacCracken then began to press him to recount specific details from the scene, including an impossibly precise description of a (nonexistent) fleeing fugitive.

Elmer's Statement

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