Jennifer Coplin

Sociology and Religion Major, with an interest in Law. Friend of student Randal Crimini and Law/playwright Prof Jacob Abarbanell.

Young girl in the early twenties. Shoulder length black hair pulled back tight in a short pony tail. She is bright eyed, inquisitive, and sharp as hell.

She had trouble deciding between a Religious Sociology or a Law major, but finally landed on the latter. She has taken classes in both, and is also interested in the Liberal Arts, having an affinity for acting, but realizes that there’s no money in that. She has taken some lessons with Prof Jacob Abarbanell, and he is a good friend.

Jennifer witnessed Professor Fazar’s incineration:
“I blinked from the brightness, and the professor had already been reduced to ash and the desk and walls beside him were aflame. The heat was intense, and everyone ran from the room. I remained at the doorway and watched as the fire dissipated almost as quickly as it had erupted. I walked over to where the professor had stood, but there was nothing but ash.”

Prof Kilgaarden took over for Prof Fazar upon his death.

Char Rolls Avg
Str 3d6+3 12 DamBonus +1d4
Con 3d6+5 14 Weapon
Siz 2d6+6 15 Spells
Int 2d6+6 15 Skills Acting 70%, Brawl 70%, plus others
Pow 3d6 8
Dex 3d6+3 14
HP 15
Move 7

Jennifer Coplin

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